We're Missouri
Foundation for Health.

We've got an exciting new strategy to improve the health of people in our region.

Childhood obesity will decline for the first time, with schools leading the way.

More Missourians with health coverage will improve the overall health of our state.

Oral health care will be available to many more Missourians, especially adults.

Thousands of infants will get a better chance at a healthy life.

Community-identified health needs and solutions will be funded and supported.

But first, a little background.

In 2012, we dove into our past 10 years of working to improve the health of people in our region and came out with a clear idea of what it takes to create real change.


Keep going and you'll find:

  1. What we learned
  2. Our strategy
  3. Our impact
  4. How to find out more

Ok, Let's Go!