Our mission is to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. In realizing this mission, we will:

  • Focus funding on activities that can produce measurable improvements in the health of Missourians with particular focus on underserved and disadvantaged citizens.

  • Use valid and reliable evidence to guide our grantmaking and program development.

  • Seek input and feedback from the communities we serve to inform our efforts.

  • Address all aspects of health including promotion, prevention and treatment as well as the underlying social causes of poor health.

  • Collaborate with government, community organizations and other funders.

  • Advocate for and support efforts to achieve guaranteed affordable quality care.

  • Build for the Foundation's future by maintaining excellence in ethical management of Foundation resources, both human and financial.


  • Identify and fill the gaps in the myriad public and private health care services already available to the uninsured and underinsured in its region.

  • Identify and address unmet health care needs in the underserved populations of the region.

  • Identify and fund health care program opportunities in the region in order to maximize the limited resources of the Foundation for the greatest possible effect.

Missouri Foundation for Health takes a multifaceted approach to health issues, understanding that programs, policy and education all play a role in making lasting positive change. By listening and responding to communities in the region, the Foundation works toward the wellbeing of all Missourians, enabling them to take an active role in health issues by making health information accessible, understandable and useful. 

Core Values

Foundation programs and grants support activities that aim to achieve objectively measurable improvements in the health of Missouri’s citizens, particularly the health of underserved, uninsured and underinsured populations.

  • Foundation programs and grants supplement but do not supplant the activities of established governmental and non-governmental health care programs.

  • Health care program initiatives are designed with the flexibility to incorporate ongoing community input and collaboration in their definition and implementation. The flexibility permits small grants as well as larger, longer-term grants and permits funding of existing and new community programs.

  • The Foundation incorporates population-based vital statistics and other health indicators relevant to local communities into its strategic decision-making and funding priorities.

  • The Foundation seeks opportunities to collaborate with other foundations as well as public and private organizations in the pursuit of its health care related purposes and goals.

  • The Foundation follows the best practices of foundation management, including but not limited to: periodic board self-assessment, education of board members, annual financial audits and full conflict of interest disclosure.

  • The Foundation from time to time establishes multi-year health care program initiatives based on a systematic strategic planning process.