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Program Officers by region:
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Central Region:

Terry Plain
(314) 345-5542

Northeast Region:

Thomas Adams
(314) 345-5534

St. Louis Metro Region:
Maranda Witherspoon
(314) 345-5544

Southeast Region:

Jean Freeman-Crawford
(314) 345-5545

Southwest Region:

Michael Renner
(314) 345-5533

Matt Kuhlenbeck
Program Director, Responsive Portfolio
(314) 345-5541

General Operating Support

As part of the strategic plan implemented over the past year, we have looked closely at how we support health-focused non-profits in our service area.  As we continue to develop our approach to strengthening organizations, the Foundation has determined that any 2014 general operating support program will be narrow in scope to more closely align with this year’s goals and priorities of the Foundation. Most organizations in our service area will not be eligible for this opportunity in 2014. 

We will continue to provide updates as we further develop our approach in this area.  Please keep in mind there may be other foundation programs for which you are eligible.  Please visit our website for regular updates on open funding opportunities.    

History: MFH began providing general operating support grants in 2002 through the Strengthening the Core program and, in 2004, the program was reissued as the Basic Support program. In 2013, MFH discontinued the Basic Support program. MFH's Responsive Portfolio, which was established to support health improvement efforts in communities in the MFH region, will include programs intended to help organizations improve what they do.