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Matt Kuhlenbeck
Program Director, Responsive Portfolio

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Terry Plain

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Thomas Adams

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Maranda Witherspoon

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Jean Freeman-Crawford

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Michael Renner

General Operating Support

For the past 10 years, MFH offered the Basic Support Program to support the operations of health organizations providing existing direct health programs.  In making the transition to new programs designed to strengthen the health field, MFH has discontinued the Basic Support program and plans to replace it through new program investments in General Operating Support (GOS). GOS is now part of MFH's Responsive Portfolio which was established to support health improvement efforts in communities in the MFH region.

Strengthening the health field is an important part of the Foundation's Responsive Portfolio strategy for improving the health of the uninsured and underserved in our region. Non-profits provide vital services and promote community health; the demand for services and actions that promote community health is going up; and all sources of funding are tightening.  This environment for health nonprofits increases the importance of funding intended to help organizations improve what they do. Unlike other Foundation programs that support specific projects, GOS aims to strengthen organizations. 

MFH expects to launch a program that provides GOS in mid-2014 with a new program design, eligibility requirements, and application review process that align with MFH's current strategy.  The application process will be competitive and place significant emphasis on the effectiveness of the applicant organization in improving the health of its clients or community.